Human history

    Do you think human history needed to be so brutal to get to this point in time or was it coencidence/chance/stars, human nature/just born killers easily lead to it or planned by higher beings, god, gods, star powers, computers, ancient secret knowledge or something else?

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    Roger Willcoe

    or does this point in time matter anymore than any other?

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    Humans are humans are humans. History is nothing but truth, like it or not……..

    War after war after war eventually leads to extinction. If we can end wars by choosing not to participate and we may have an opportunity to extend human history here for a very long time. We have need to oppose less and embrace more. Our love of others opens our eyes to our personal need for selfless service to and for others. Sharing space among others is what we need to grow to love. Teach what you know that allows love to open the closed windows of other hearts and minds like your own was. Here is a nice place to start.  

    Political history is the past, and the fact that whatever you believe it or not! 

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