HOW CAN I DELETE bright toolbar from my computer?

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    How to remove, delete or uninstall just about any IE toolbar, including Yahoo, Google or MSN

    You can uninstall INTERNET EXPLORER toolbars through your Add/Remove Programs window:

    Click the Windows “Start” button in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.
    Select “Control Panel” from the “Settings” menu.
    Double-click on “Add/Remove Programs”.
    Scroll down and click on the unwanted toolbar entry. For example, “Google Toolbar for IE” or “Yahoo! Toolbar”.
    Click on “Change/Remove.”
    Close any open IE windows.
    How to uninstall, delete or remove just about any Firefox toolbar, including Google, Yahoo, or AOL

    You can use the Extension Manager in Firefox to remove a FIREFOX toolbar:

    Click the “Tools” menu in the Firefox browser.
    Click the “Extensions” menu item (“Add-ons” in Firefox 2).
    In the Firefox Extensions Manager window, scroll down and click on the unwanted toolbar entry. For example, “Yahoo! Toolbar” or “Google Toolbar for Firefox”.
    Click “Uninstall”.
    Click “OK” or “Uninstall” in the confirmation window.
    Exit Extension Manager. Restart your browser.
    If this uninstall method doesn’t work for you, your Firefox user profile may be corrupt. You might need to create a new user profile for your browser.

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