habits of california squirrels

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    They live in borrows, Hillside or low earth banks are perferred sites, because the burrows can be excavated horizontatly. During breeding season from about Feb-April, and during summer months,they are above ground for long periods each day, eating, sunnig, dust bathing,and grooming.They are very vigilent, and ready to sound an alarm if danger is preceived. If frightened, it often makes long leaps and emits a sharp metallie alarm cry,several times in rapid succession.
    Squirells, spend most of their life with in a fairly small area,about 100feet fr their borrows. They hibernate for several months of the year,The males are the first to go, followed about one month later by mothers and their young.Their heart beat slows down to as low as tenth of theit normal heart beat.Even in this state, they wake up every 4 or 5 days for short periods.During these times,they eat food, they had stored, since summer, then use a (special bathroom chambers)before climbing back into underground nests.Males are first to emerge, in early Spring.Breeding season Feb-April. A mother Squirrel,can give birth from 3 to as many as 15.Their eyes open at 5 weeks, then they ready to go out of borrow, for first time. Squirrels can live up tp six years. (That is brief information.)

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