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    Can a human own a tree? Is there a human that is responsible for the way trees work (I water mine but did not design their workings)? If not can a human say that tree is mine and it's work is to my benifit you people get your own trees those are mine? I'm resposible for them being. Like the gold we use to use to control only better because I decide the amount of money (carbon credit) there is (like the fiat money we created and exhausted to our benifit but now want the power to tell you to die) and it's mine.
    If you own United Airlines your good to go because you bought 1/2 the Amazon forest that we sold you because it's ours and it says so on this piece of paper made of wood that's ours too.
    We control you and if you don't believe it we'll control you more by showing you our true nature with bombs, bullits, starvation, poison or whatever it takes because we have it all. Are they saying "Do not question our authority or superiority, we own you, now go die we're done with you and you don't have enough trees to last you past the age of seven? Are we hurting their planet or do they just want us to think so?

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    To your first question, I’m growing an orange tree that I started from seed; yes, I own it……...

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