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    Just curious to know how many people think these websites help others??? How many compare to this site, AKAQA? (Personally I'm prejudiced). If you think they help, how so? What's your favorite question and/or answer on this site (that you can recently remember, of course!) and what..if any, answer that you have gotten to your own question has been relevant in your life?? (:

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    Some people ask a question to justify their actions, they are only looking for the answer that supports their decision. I think others honestly want help or advice.

    I believe we help some people, I think Randy has a good point that we will never know if we helped others. Maybe someone who hasn't authored the question will get some good advice to a similar decision or dilemma they are facing...
    I ask alot of opinion questions. I see ppl going through things in life and want to get other piont of view. It helps me talk to them about things I am concerned with. I try not to be judgy and this site helps me keep an open mind.. The support I recieve with thing in MY life has been heart warming.. SO YES you all help me. And I love you for it.
    ole hipster

    Thank you Darlin''s answers such as yours that I was hoping to let't take a moment especially for those of us (and I'm sure I'm not alone) who actually go to this site either for answers and/or help me "Whomever" I am addicted!!! Yet to another vice! (just kidding)
    Ms Sinclair

    Hey Jenn. I gave you a TU partially because you gave a good answer and partially because ole hipster accidentally gave you a TD (-:

    LOL you are a doll!!! TY
    Most on this site are sincere and want to share similar experiences. Will it help anyone? Who knows, dozens of heads are better than one. I, the know-er of all things in the Universe have actually learned something here. Thanx.
    ole hipster

    Spare me your platitudes! You are, as always, amusing and right on with your answers!...Peace, love and happiness to you and everyone else on site...(:
    ed shank

    How gracious thou art.
    ole hipster

    Yeah...ain't that the truth!....(:
    It can but you don't know if it did or not most won't let you know.
    ole hipster

    Yeah, I know...sometimes that sucks especially when you have given a heartfelt and thoughtful answer! (:
    Hey Jenn....just trying to vote up your answer...when doing so, I saw that I voted you down...definitely not my intent...Seems like there should be somthing to stop this (after all the ole hipster can't remember everything!) I had noticed earlier on that if I voted someone up, the counter would not story...will make it up to you and I wish admin would get it together at times and let us know what is going on with changes...are we all drones or what? (:

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