Why Do You Think The U.S Obesity Rate Is So High Compared To Other Countries?

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    Junk Food and no exercise. People dont walk anymore.
    I think another problem is that many people can't afford healthy food, and sometime the cheaper food is unhealthy.

    Most of the eating habits we get come from our parents, if our parents eat junk food, chances are we will also.
    Many mentioned fast food and I want to add on. It is the mean of transportations in US, mainly by a car. People don't get to walk much. Walking should be an everyday exercise without efforts. Most people here drive to work, grocery, stores or wherever and drive back home. Other countries have more convenient public transportations like subways, trains, buses, taxis etc which are involved with more walking. And after that, it would be personal, lack of excercise-laziness.

    Good point schubee, t.u.
    Because we like to eat,food is associated with everything,family functions,party's.Processed foods came around in the 1950's,such as t.v dinners and things became progressively worse since.People need to include healthy foods and more exercise in their daily lives.Randy was right, people buy the foods that they can afford.There are fat people all over the world,we just have a little more.
    When I went to the US I was astonished at the size of the people.

    My brother-in-law, who is a doctor and lives in the US, said that Americans are always eating. You can find them eating junk food all day long. They do not seem to bother eating at the right time. They do not eat the right foods.
    Food rewards, Pavlovian scheduled meals, all you can eat, guilt association with foods, rewarding foods, excessive foods, food eating contests to glorify big eaters, poor dining habits like not drinking a glass of water before a meal. Equating "rich" with fat and sweet. Excessive fast carbohydrates. No restraint on the consumption of foods. Devouring food after sufficiency. Gluttony.
    Junk food can be a problem if you eat it and don't exercise, I eat my share of junk food but never weighted over 180 & I'm 6' tall, but I worked hard, now I can nearly walk I weight 160 but I only eat 1-2 times a day or more if we go
    Where did McDonalds and Burger King originate? I rest my case. Eat crap you look like crap.

    Very true. I am slim and Ie have always eaten lots of fruit and vegies. I never eat junk food.

    What a shame we do not have a `photo site eggplant.

    Yes, it's a fact that the US suffer more obesity than any other country according to CNN. Last year Houston has the highest percentage and this year it is El Paso. That is were I live and I can believe it. Obesity is 30 pounds over your height and weight medical graph chart.

    This has gotta be the easiest question ever answered....crap food.

    Fructose corn syrup may have something to do with it.

    Sugar in any form is sugar, the body does not differenciate from one type of sugar.
    Our society is No.1 with fast food joints, nobody wants to cook from scratch anymore and manufacturers allure us with coupons to buy their aweful products. I always stay on the outside perimeter of the store and hardly buy anything on the inside aisles except canned beans, whole grain cereals and pasta and olive oil. People move less and less as they age, and are intertained while being totally passive. I'm 58 years old and I garden, walk, ice skate and play on a pool league. In fact my pool team just won #1 in the division tonight! Eat properly, keep active and old age will only be a number - not a feeling!
    We're a nation of fast food junkies! Leeroy's answer is right on too.

    johnboy.... That has got to be the most mundane answer I've ever heard

    When I went to visit the U.S I was astonished at the fast food deals you guys had going on. You could get like 6 burgers for $2 (obvious exaggeration) but I think that is a HUGE part of the statistics. It seems like it would be cheaper for a low income family to go out and grab fast food than it would be to buy groceries. Craziness!

    There is no such thing as bad food. What there is is too much food. If you choose to pig out on the finnest produce on the planet, and take no exercise, you end up with a lard arse.

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