Will NATO decide

    in favor of a no fly zone over Libya?

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    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Hello Rodger, a good and meaningful possibility. Here is a thumbs up for a great debate type question. My answer below is from what I have read over the last days and it is a potential possibility. Not likely any boots on the ground, thankfully.

    Roger Willcoe

    Thanks Raider. I hope cooler heads prevail.

    2 Answers

    The LAST thing the US needs to do right now is get involved militarily in yet ANOTHER mid-east country. France, Germany and Italy have more at stake and should get more involved considering they recieve a good percentage of their oil from Libya. The US will wind up supplying arms and Intel to the rebels in this case.

    Yes, only if Qaddafi uses his air force again protesters and civilians. Britain has already mentioned it as have other nations including the US. I think they are trying to intimidate and scare him out of the idea 1st but, NATO will do it if hundreds of civilians and protesters are blown away.

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