should i fight this onechick that hates me?

    i wont tell her that i am going to fight her because then she will want to bak down and inthe ? i put chick but i ment to put BITCH

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    I have been in dozens and dozens of fights in my life probably hundreds. The truth about fighting is that ((Truthfully)), no body wins.

    Does it make you a better person for fighting? NO

    Can you resolve the problem with violence? No

    Can someone go to jail from getting into a fight? Yes

    Could you accidentally Kill, Mame, or Permanently Injure the other person? Yes, maybe go to jail for the rest of your life...

    There are a lot of things that may happen if you get into a physical confrontation that are ((completely out of your control.))

    You can knock someone down and they may hit their head on the ground and be injured for the rest of their life, or even worse they could die from a head injury.

    There's no way to know how a fight will end thousands of people have died or gone to jail for the rest of their lives, just over a fight.
    Why would you want to take this chance? Just talk to people to work out your differences, you won't regret your smart and peaceful decision. Hope this helps...
    I've had my share of fights when younger. But like "Leeroy" says a terrible unintentional tragedy could occur. My biggest fear always was not getting my ass beat, but accidentally killing someone. Everybody likes a good cardio-vascular workout but it really isn't worth the risk.

    it is for me
    ed shank

    Why can't you just walk away and be the bigger person.
    Then try to see the good in her I'm sure there is some.
    Headless Man

    I knew a young boy that some kids picked on and at the local fair he had enough and struck a boy and he fell and died. I'm not sure what happened to him but his life will never be the same.
    ole hipster

    C'mon leeroy...the good in someone?..not always..but wouldn't that be nice...I know you're trying to calm someone down about the situ but I'm more with IamPamela's answer...sorry I love ya' honey!
    ole hipster

    Oops sorry I meant to direct this at Randy Palmer (now you can pick on me!)...I had just been reading leeroy's answer when posting my comment to you (oh Hell I'll stop explaining, just chalk it up to be Oldtimers
    Headless Man

    Don't blame leeroy for my
    Everyone has some good in them even you.......Hahahaha

    lol, you people crack me up here, that's my favorite aspect to this site... Put down the bong M.J. lol

    but y would i quit every one at skool wants me to and she is the only one who dont know about it.
    Headless Man

    Don't do anything because others want you to, that will surly get you n trouble.

    so i dont fucking care
    Do you think you can win the fight?

    ya she is week as hell

    I think she has that can of whoop-ass waiting for you!!!

    i ca dought that

    I was having fun with you, hoping it would change your mind. But, with all jokes aside. I believe you have better things to do than brawling with someone. Same your energy for something bigger and better :-)
    Anytime something bothers I ask....
    is this going to matter tomorrow:next week: next year???
    You wont even remember this gils name in 10 years.. It is not worth the hassle of dealing with her parents your parents the school the police. Live your life and put her out of your mind.

    i cant she is in every one of my clases and she wont lesve me the fuck alone she bothers me

    She wont be next year.. and summer is right around the corner... I believe in you.. I know you can make it!

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