is it ok for men to remove body hair

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    why not i shave my chin daily
    Hey...go for it baby...women like a clean machine! lol (:
    My son, does it all the time. Otherwise he looks like a hairy ape.
    Done deal, she is going to make me hairless, chest only though.
    My wife says she's going to finally get the carpet off my chest. Her plan is with Duct tape though. Got one eye open each night. I actually grew so much hair on my chest in the last few years it's bothering me.
    Why not. Have you seen all the jocks in the speedos and Fruit of the Looms briefs with hair on their chests? They all have clean pecs and abs and some shave their legs. Competitor swimmers do it all the time. It makes for a beautiful male body. Go for it. Do your legs, chest and abs and if you're a jock-type wear a speedo at the pool or beach. (Jock body is slim, trim and slightly muscular). My opinion. ha ha

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