Day of Rage

    If a revolution breaks out in Saudi Arabia will the entire world economy be thrown into turmoil.

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    Excellent question my thumbs Up for it. Thanks friend.


    I agree , excellent question and T.U. my friend.

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    The Saudi government, since the late late 1970's though today, has built up its anti=terrorist forces and equipped them with the with the most advanced technology and training on this world to put down such an incident. By the way they have gotten this high tech and superb tactical training from the USA. A protesters would be crushed by the Saudi family's anti-terrorist, military, and we would look the other way.


    Great answer, thumbs up.

    Good comment Raider, also the Saudi youth aren't really there yet, the country is very stable compared to other Arab countries. S A wasn't built on revolution, like other countries, their economy is really good thanks to them being the largest oil supplier in the world, so it's not likely to happen. Not that anything is impossible though...................................

    Saudia Arabia is one of the most stable of the arab states but with all this Islamic fundsmentalist I would say they would be the last of the arab states to change over thru a popular uprising of the population.

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