Would you fight for your Home? If you fell behind on your mortgage payment, would you stay in your house even after the bank tries to kick you out?

    This isn't a new trend, many American's who are being evicted by the same banks we bailed out are fighting mad.

    They are staying in their homes even after the bank has tried to evict them. Would you stay and fight to keep your home? Many people that stay and fight may wind up being successful at keeping their homes.

    What did you do, or what would you do.? Most everyone's assets are mainly or completely in the investment of their homes. Should the banks be held accountable for writing bogus mortgages that they knew would fail.?. Should we be pissed that these banks are getting away with it?

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    It depends on my situation...if I'm just broke, unemployed, or just can't afford high mortgage payments. What's the use in holding on if I'm digging myself a deeper ditch. You have to know when to hold'em and when to fold'em.

    I would swallow my pride, get myself together, and start over!!!
    See there is a movement out there challenging the legality of the banks contracts. I would fight, but that's my nature, what these banks are doing to people isn't morally right, and may not be legal. I would leave it to the courts to decide this...
    This land has been in our family since the 1880's. We just tore down the original house and are in the process of putting up a new log home.. you betchya I would fight for it. If we did get kicked off at the very least the bank can have the basement...

    Awesome answer, this is the American way. I don't think that any of us should, give up without a fight. Thumbs up JDB...
    been there tried it..cops literally escorted us off the premmises

    Check out the comment to Randy, my friend is going through this very thing and they have staid about 4 months after the eviction started. So far they are winning their battle.
    Several residents where I live are challenging the banks, asking for the original paper work. So far their still in there homes. This is going on for 3+ years. The courts have instructed the lenders to show proof, and they simply do not appear in court. Why the banks haven't been held in contempt is another interesting question.

    Look down, left an answer or question to your answer, thumbs up, good one.
    Why should the banks even need to show proof if you signed an agreement you should have a copy and know if you defaulted or not.
    I understand that the banks should be able to show proof but you know if you weren't able to pay.
    I'm sure they would try to keep someone in the house because an empty house is a place where criminals gather and strip them.
    ed shank

    True. If your mortgage was sold eight different time as some people claim. Who really owns it. When two different banks claim they are now the mortgagee, it's time to see the paper.
    If I signed a loan agreement and for any reason couldn't meet it I would talk to the bank about it but if nothing could be worked out then I would leave as I broke the contract.

    This is probably what most people would do, I say a docudrama where people stood up to the bank and the cops and won, many of their neighbors helped, they filmed it.
    It's just the way the laws are, I guess. If you have a contract with someone and it has been broken by one or both parties, the contract must be found and shown to enforce the conditions of the contract. The banks don't really care about the human factor from what I've seen, they only care about money, and if they aren't getting it from you, they would rather have the house empty.

    That way the at least have the chance to make money for a prospective buyer. They could give a hoot less about making someone homeless, it's all about the might dollar to them.
    Good point ed, why don't the laws that apply to all of us apply to the banks? Anyone have an answer?
    ed shank

    I guess different rules apply.

    My house has been in our family since it was built.Too right id fight to keep it!! One day i hope to pass it on to my son ,but being realistic,hed sell it.He now lives 200 miles away so really i cant see him keeping it

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