Do the magnetic bracelets used to promote healing and well being really work? If so, i am looking for a men`s copper bracelet, which if any work the best?

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    By all accounts, testing done proves they don't do anything for anyone's health or otherwise.
    I fell down my basement steps and broke both my wrists and dislocated my right wrist too.
    surgery was planned for my left wrist because the boan had splintere. I had bought magnetic for my shooes since I am on my feet all day but had not tried them yet. I wrapped those suckers around my wrists. well the one they were going to operste on,( left wrist) started to heal within 24 hrsand the splinter bone allined correctly. Both my wrists were casted but winthin 3 weeks, twice as fast as normal they were both compleatly healed.
    The bracelets--I do not know but I believe in the magnetics. I was 52 yrs old so not an young chick but not an old hen either

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