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    Is the govt. calling people middle class the same as asking what color you are? A form of bigotry that tells people their better or worse somehow either consciously or subconsciously?

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    It can be. I do not think people should be asked either questions. It is usually voluntary to answer the race question and I skip it. I am a white person, no better or worse than any other race. So what does it matter and why ask the question. Isn't a kind of racial screening or profiling? I think I know the answer but will add in a comment when I have more time.

    Maybe, maybe not, but possibly they are wondering if you can afford to sue them or not?

    It always seemed that way to me too Raider. I think it propagates class warfare to keep people always wanting more and more that translates to greed that causes waste, increased consumption and purchasing, that means more fiat currency in fortune 500 companies so the CEO's can buy more islands, congressmen and yachts. And the hamsters go around and around.

    I think war is even worse. If four year olds lead countries and had to send their moms and dads to war I don't think there would be anymore wars. The people calling themselves world leaders just can't quite figure it out (a little sarcazim). The money must be worth it when your a psychopath without a chance of ever getting analyzed by a Psychotherapist, psychologist or psychiatrist.

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