CLOSED: Do You Think Smoking Marijuana Is Safer Than Doing Other Drugs?

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    I think we should be more worried about the crap that gets injected into the food we buy and all of the other things we deem "safe" and rarely think about.

    If you were to Compare it to Alcohol ... Well I think we all know the answer to that one ... Alcohol is the worst drug ever made and it sells in stores :) When they figure out how to make money from Pot.Then It will be legal ..... Its all Money Folks ...

    I have smoked weed for 30 years now ... I thought i would quit for 1 year just to see the difference and wow I felt worse so I went back to smoking again and never felt better ....

    Quit Booze and smoke weed and you will be a happier person plus our roads will be safer... Drunks drink and drive and kill people .. Pot smokers stay home lay on the couch and eat chips ...

    Headless Man

    You might stay home but police records show a difference, watch

    All depends on the person Raider. I've tried it multiple times, and continue to (though VERY rarely). I've never tried anything else, nor do I plan on it and when I do it the only thing I want to do is clean everything lol. There are worse things in life :)

    I don't think Smoking Marijuana is safer than regular cigarettes let alone other drugs.

    No Do not take any illegal drugs. Pot makes you amotivational and smoking 1 joint has enough THC that it is equivalent to smoking 10 regular cigarettes. It is also a gate way drug that can lead you to "try" other drugs that could get you addicted if you are predisposed to addiction. No reason to even try it

    No DRUGS are safe!!!

    If you compare pot to A LOT and almost EVERY other drug the consequences are a lot higher in the "chemical" drugs. Plus, this is a question/answer page therefore anything is allowed :)

    I just think other drugs can cause a lot more distortion than pot. I would go the whole "because it's natural" route but I think it will only cause a huge debate.

    Why do a drug comparison in the first place...that's like saying. If I dive head first off a 6ft wall is that safer than diving head first off a 20ft high building...just don't do drugs.

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