Did you used to love or loath having your hair washed when you were a kid?

    I saw a little girl having hers done in the swimming baths and by the look on her face she seemed to be really enjoying it. My next door neighbours' daughter was not so fond of it though. I used to hear her crying very loudly and when I put my ear to the wall once I heard her mum saying "You're stupid Hazel, you'll have to have your hair washed every day if you cry like this, you mard-arsed little git". I think her dislike of shampooing got her smacked a few times as well, or at least threatened with it.

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    iremember a slogan for baby shampoo called 'no more tears" when i was a kid i think i still cried though
    I used to love HAVING hair! BTW: Why were you spying on your neighbor?

    It's not that I was spying on anybody it's just then when you hear a child crying that loud you just get a bit curious as to what's going on, and that's why I put my ear to the wall. Living in a house built next to someone else's has its disadvantages, if you suddenly lose your rag with your wife or kids and scream at them in anger they might hear it next door, so in a way you've got very little privacy. Actually, I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but I've had to change bedrooms because I was disturbed by hearing sex next door.
    Nice way that woman had of helping her daughter learn to like it! i think if my mother had said those things to me (which she never would have) I'd have hated it too!!

    I can't remember if I did or not! Guess it wasn't that traumatic!!

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