CO2 problem and other lies your govt. told you

    I wonder why so many global co2 problem pushers have big ears and noses and have mouths that grin upwards so far and frown down so far (reminds me of the grinch that stole christmas)? Many many of them look like they could be brothers or clones. I see Mr.Waxman trying to sell it as fact on cspan today. He doesn't read what was writen for him very well though.

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    very few statistics are given about co2 when govt puppets are performing on the world stage, have you or anyone seen any evidence that co2 causes greenhouse effect?, what percentage of co2 is man made? what percentage of the atmosphere is co2 ? has anyone seen this percentage given in the media? probably not.try as a decimal 0.038% of the atmosphere for those who seek the truth

    In NASA's BioDome plants couldn’t live without the CO2 absorbed by concrete (Bust/Fail/Lie).
    CO2 is a building block of this planet, plants thrive the more they get. Without it this planet is dead.

    Don't believe any politician or official from the government, most of them R liars!

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