Rising Gas Prices

    Why does the price of gas go up today when the gas is already refined and in the tank at the gas station- possible future shortages because of events should not affect what is already on hand- should it?

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    That's the magic question.



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    When the Liberia's people started demoing for regime change, I contacted my household heating oil provider to stop my scheduled oil delivery. The price rise was obviously on the way. If everyone did the same thing we could control the price of oil at the consumer end and at the political end. Yes, we can control the worlds oil prices with credit cards. Lets make it go down. Stop buying oil and gas for a week.

    papa peg

    Good answer when oil prices went to $4.00 two years ago.Americans stayed home more took shorter vacations and prices came down.Every time a riot breaks out in the middle east prices go up.there's no such thing as a gas shortage. DON

    Drill baby drill, we have oil in this country if we would just go after it.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Good answer here is a thums up to you Randy!

    papa peg

    I live in Pennsylvania.When you drive down any country road.You see oil wells every 2to3 miles.where does that oil go. DON

    Someone who builds websites needs to get one out there, organize a day in a few months so people have time to plan for it of a week or certain hours of the day to stop driving and buying gas. I lived in a small town where there were a lot of horses where people could just ride them sometimes. Take a bike, carpool, or walk? Most people don't realize how much gas prices affect everything they buy. WEBSITE, WEBSITE, WEBSITE......................

    It is called price gouging and no one stops them.


    Headless Man

    Yes, SPECULATORS are running the price up but if we would announce a big drilling program in this country, price would drop before a bit hit the ground.

    Agreed. It is because of greed and who is really in control. Including huge western gas and petroleum companies. They, and opec to some extent, raise the price because they can unfortunately.

    Hello WORLD!! Fossil fuel is the number one reason why the world is so polluted. Just about everything you touch every single day comes from oil. Go ahead "nuc" your families dinner in that plastic bag(oil bi-product) then wash it down with more BPA's from that bottled water. Then pull on that synthetic jacket over your spandex shirt and go for a nice long walk. Don't forget to take in a few good deep breaths. So why is the world so crazy? Yes gas prices are unreasonable. Every time I pass by my usual station the price is up. Yesterday 10 cents more than the previous evening. We need to stop paying the gas companies for killing us!!!

    Headless Man

    Hope you was on your bicycle when you passed that gas station!

    Americans make such a big deal about taxes and gas prices. Oil is on the market all the time and the market sets the price. If americans stopped being in their cars for 2 hours a day the price would drop like a rock. Supply and demand is what it is all about. I makes me sich when I see an average guy driving a 5 ton pickup truck.. I mean does he have a big boat also?

    papa peg

    Good news they found enough oil under Israel.To last forever that's why everyone in the middle east want's Israel gone

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