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    Any ideas on the best organization?

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    One that works and is not in it for making money but helping others that really do need help. Saw one last night where a whole community got together and helped a woman that has cancer and so do all 3 of her children of which there is no cure for the type cancer they had and all were in wheelchairs. They got together raised money and also contractors, people that knew how to do work volunteered their time and they re did the woman's house and made everything wheelchair accessible and things in the home to make things nice and enjoyable for the time the family has left here on this earth. Was a very beautiful thing for all these people coming together and doing. There are lots of ideas and lots of people that really need help and people that are willing to help, but you have to make sure you choose wisely and make sure when it comes to raising money that that does not corrupt people in the organization. Or one person can make a difference if one just opens their eyes and truly listens and watches there are plenty of opportunities to help others everyday.

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