what is the penalty for US companies to hire undocumented workers/illegals

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    I worked for a company that was fined several thousand dollars per illegal worker, but I don't remember the exact dollar amount?

    *There are a wide range of penalties regarding employment and hiring illegal immigrants/undoucmented workers, criminals, enforcement is the issue. America USA was founded by immigrants mostly legal hence forth the Roots that make us strong as a country. The loyalty that a lot of americans have is 2-nd to none. The Diversity and strength that lies witin is boundless. However if we allow ourselves to be complacent and lazy and raise our expectations to recieve without making sacrifices we will lose and suffer. Our Family values the Root and Foundation of Man must be strengthened not weakend. We must enforce our laws; allow and support our Officials with the power to enforce them. There are many men with shallow minds,Bodies and Spirits that envy our Country and have goals and loyalties other than ours. We must keep puour Guards up not down and not be complacent. US be on Guard !

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