what can cause my steering wheel to shake even after i balanced my wheels and used centric rings?original wheels were 20s and so are my custom wheels.

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    They are not balanced correctly or you may want to check air pressture.

    Not only have you, many vehicles holders also faced same problem. It can hamper the performance of your vehicles, so be careful about this. When you face such problem immediate contact to a mechanic or go to a better service center. Otherwise it will be better if you have sufficient knowledge about this and how to overcome from this problem without any help. For this it is essential to know about wheel alignment.

    Get a complete wheel alignment and balance. Weird as it may sound I heard only yesterday of a case where one wheel of a set of alloys had had the holes drilled out of alingment.

    the rims were most likely made in adelaide!

    Some crazy pom in Elizabeth. Good evenig cobber.
    maybe a bent wheel or loose front end componet,out of round could have them spun balance on the car also...

    Nice one

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