What makes a dog cough so much

    My dog (an outside dog) has been coughing constantly for 2 days. He is still active and doesnt seem to be sick.It almost seems like he has a hairball. can dogs get a cold?

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    He could have heart worm. That's a major factor in dogs coughing a lot. Schedule an appointment with your vet and get him checked asap. Heart worm is a devastating disease but there has been some success in saving dogs if treated as soon as possible once diagnosed with the disease. Another reason could be kennel cough but I'm assuming you haven't had him kenneled recently. Or he could have something lodged in his throat he's trying to get up. This too can cause a problem if it's lodged good. It could cause an inflamed throat to where he won't want to eat or even cause an infection. SEE A VET!

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    Most definitely time to take your dog to the vet it could be yes heart worms or what they call kennel cough or it could be numerous things, but if you love your dog then it is time to take him to the vet for a check up and tell the vet how long this has been going on.

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