how to build stand for hammock swing

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    Wood Dowel
    Large Metal Ring
    2lbs Rope
    Eye Bolts
    Strong Chain
    Nail Hammer
    Tape Measure
    Step 1 – Choose the Right Rope
    Cut 20 lengths of rope 25 yards long. Polypropylene Rope is extremely durable. However, there are many types available. Macram? rope, jute, and cotton are all popular. It is entirely down to preference, which one you choose to use.

    Step 2 - Setting Up
    To create a working space hammer a large nail, or screw a large hook into the wall. Just above eye level is the most comfortable height to work. Hook the large metal ring over the nail. The ring needs to be sufficiently strong enough to support the working weight. Also it needs to be large enough to thread and work the 20 lengths of rope.
    Step 3 - Attaching the Ropes
    Fold a length of cord in half and thread the two ends through the ring. Then attach it to the ring by passing the two ends back through the loop of the same rope. Pull tightly to ensure the rope is attached securely. Repeat for all 20 lengths of rope. You should now have 40 lengths of rope hanging from the ring.
    Step 4 - Knot the First Row
    Work from left to right, for ease. Take the first 4 ropes and tie them using a reef knot - also know as a square knot. Pass the right hand rope over the two center ropes. Take the left hand rope over the right and under the two center ropes. Tie the two together using a simple overhand knot. Now the reverse. Left rope over the center ropes. Right hand rope over the left and under the center ropes. Tie another overhand knot to secure. Repeat for each. Now, you should have 5 knotted ties, each with 4 ropes.
    Step 5 - Creating the Body
    Begin on the left again and repeat step 4, leaving the first two cords free. When you go to the next row, turn over the body of the hammock and take up the two cords left free the row before. This way, the knot work is staggered. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the body is around 4 feet to 5 feet long.
    Step 6 - Casting Off
    Knot all the cords onto a second ring, in exactly the same manner, as with the first ring.
    Step 7 - Hanging
    To hang, attach each of the metal rings to each end of a 5 foot piece of wooden dowel with heavy duty eye bolts. The dowel should be at least 3 ? inches in diameter. Use two lengths of strong chain, plus another heavy duty eye bolt, to hang the swing from the tree, beam or post. Enjoy!

    DIY Hammock Stand -

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