what is this about people living in old testtement giant having six finger & toes

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    Yes this is so. These were giants in the land of the Philistines in a place called Gath. You will find the story in the bible in:
    2 Samuel 21:20 and 1 Chronicles 20:5-6

    yes it's true he was the brother of goliath, gath was his name he was the inventor of the push button phone!

    They came from outer space.
    why do people say they came from space? are they paranoid with UFO?
    do they think God is limit it to what He created, I just don't understand why our God would created these bean,with six finger& six toes,giant body,this a mysteries for me. There got to be some other explanation that I'd miss in the bible,or a reason God would do this, Anyway I'll just wait for other people comment.

    Sadly because of mans rebellion toward God we all have imperfect genes one way or another. Undoubtedly you have come across people with Downs syndrome, or Siamese twins. You may also have heard of hybrids and mutations. Genesis chapter 6 Tells us about the hybrid union between angels a women which produced a race of violent giants. But these God destroyed in the flood. But not long after that the human race was back to disobeying Gods laws about bestiality and breeding too close and so God gave Isreal more advanced law which made a small nation great among the larger Gentile Nations but the Jews eventually got round to ignoring Gods laws again.

    Are you telling me God didn't know his people would mess around and get mix up with these giant being,or God let them have there ways,until they mess everything up,and now were paying the price for disobeying God law, and still were messing thing up,is it possible we could smart up? or are we going to self destroy our self? maybe that the only way? There only one way and that is Jesus blood paid the price for our sin.I think I'd answer my own question.

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