What organ in the brain begins to disingegrate after age 35? It involves largely details.

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    I agree with eggplant I thought it was a organ! yea I am
    I thought the brain was the organ.

    I think he meant gland...??? But I was waiting to see if I was the only person that was confussed by the question.

    Perhaps he should rewrite everything.
    It's tough to say, as what I'd said, the amygdala, is one answer, but this is house in the hippocampus. So, I need to research this a bit more. It's interesting to me, as there are so many studies, as to how to keep our brains spry and functional. Indeed I am sorry, if the question was confusing, and as I look at it now, indeed it is unclear. My apologies. It is the first time I've written a question here, so I thank you all for responding, and hope to learn a bit more, about how to ask the questions that they may be clear. At times...who knows, I may be able to answer one, or two. Usually, they would be in the line of pharm or A&P.

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