Is The HR Department On Your Side?

    How does one employee or the entire unit tell either HR or the managers manager that the unit manager has absolutely no people skills at all along with none what so ever motivational skills? The company insist that engagement scores go up and advertises work life balance.

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    Document why you and the others think he has no people skills and a poor manager. Give direct examples, dates, etc. Then turn it into HR and ask to have it looked into. However, most managers have little managing skills, so you may get one that is even worse.

    Document, document, document. HR is not there for you, no matter what they claim. If it comes down between a manager and an employee, unless the employee can document every instance of every occurrence that will stand up in a court case against the company, the HR staff will get rid of the employee because the employee is expendable in this economy.

    Granted, it costs money to train staff, but the manager has been around long enough to know to document everything, or knows enough to fake the documentation. Unless you have a case strong enough court, you will never win. The HR employee may feel your pain, but I guarantee their manager will not!

    The HR department job is to save the company money - period. If there is an employee costing the company money because they are too busy complaining to do their job properly, then get rid of the employee.

    However, the employee documented multiple abuses in which their manager has cost the company money in business sales, or in terms of productivity, then the employee will have a shot at getting rid of the boss, provided that employee also has a workable plan to substantially improve productivity.

    You must prove your worth as an employee by blowing the whistle on the boss with lots of documentation while simultaneously providing a workable plan that will save the company money while increasing sales. If you cannot do all three things, then you don't have a realistic change.

    You will no longer have a future with that company as soon as someone, anyone, gets wind of your anger at your boss. That includes your best friend on the job, or the person you thought was your best friend. You will be hung out to dry, folded, and sent to unemployment faster than you can pull your hanky out to wipe your nose.


    Either find a new job, or find a way to make your boss look so good he gets transferred up the chain of command and out of your hair. Eventually, he will get to the position where upper management see's he is a fraud and they will get rid of him.

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