How do I get my cats to quit scratching my furniture?

    I purchased a scratching post a while back but they ignore it & go for the furniture. Ages are 1 & 3 years old. I am looking for answers from people who have cats & have experienced this themselves please.

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    Hi Grandma I have always had cats at one time I had 10 now I have 4 the best way and the only way is to keep thier claws trimed at all times and the finale one is use double sided sticky tape and stick where they are scratching and leave it on until they relize that they cant scratch thier as it mucks all thier claws up and also put thier scratching posts near the furniture and if you see them scatching where they shouldnt pick them up put them on the scratching post good luck have patents and it will work good luck

    and Gary, you're going to do what?  Lace catnip?  I'll be Fido's uncle.



    you are putting these cats on so I can cry that is so fuunie I now cant see through crying really good oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox
    take them to the pet store or the vet and have their nails trimed. i CAN do the trimming, but if i cut the little vein that runs through the claw, i'd .... faint ... pass out ... scream .... go into hysterics.
    better that the professionals do it in my cat's case.
    gary, my cat loves catnip. she gets so passionate. it's embarassing!
    ole hipster

    Yeah they do get off on catnip don't they...I understand about the embarassing part! (:
    try lacing the cat tree with catnip. also, spray them with a water mixture when they are scratching the furniture.
    I always trim my cats' claws. I am very careful only to trim the tip, which is hooked, so that I don't trim into the vein.
    BTW, getting cats declawed is abuse! b/c they don't just remove the claw....they remove the first and second joint of the toes.
    ...breaks my heart to hear about it.
    1. Have a scratching post
    2. Try putting scotch tape on the corner of the couch, or whereever he / she scratches. I did that and my cat doesn't scratch it anymore. She does scratch the carpet tho. What a mess :-/
    I never liked that carpet anyway . It has too high a pile . Loops come out. The previous owner put it there.

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