can i get social security at age 57 after having a heart stent placement

    also have 2 blockages on right side of heart

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    Try contacting a Social Security Disability Lawyers to help get individuals the social security disability benefits they need and deserve.

    No fee unless we win your case!
    i've heard that you have to apply at least twice. it looks kinda bleak but it sure sounds like you need it. it's so hard to fight when you don't feel well. so sad. you can do it.
    You may be able too it all depends on what condition your health is in because of the stent . your Dr. will need to do paperwork and you'll have to go to the S.S. office and file a claim. its a long drawn out process and you will almost certainly turned down at 1st. most people who apply have to get a lawyer to file the appeals .
    You can apply for social security disability but do so soon as I understand it takes about 2 years for same...otherwise...there's always SSI...check into it with your regional social security office....they can advise or better yet call the social security phone number listed in the phone book or online for your particular area of the country...good luck!
    If you're unable to work because of the heart problem, you MAY qualify for SSA. Check with your local board.

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