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    You dont need a lawyer but you will have court cost... in many cases you can file cost of the lawyer and pay them back over the term of the bancruptcy. (a set amount will be taken out of your paycheck over threee to 7 years.)

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    No you need to pay a lawyer in most cases. If not you will being in and out of court were your kawyer will take care of all that and you might need to appear once or twice. In El Paso it is $260 and they wright the other part off in your chapter 13 or 7 bankruptcy.

    Unfortunately, in today's world nothing is free. Most of the time if you go through a lawyer they will not take on the bankruptcy until you pay them in full. I went through it over 7 yrs ago and they did not do anything until I paid them off. But if you do it yourself, it will still cost you, for court costs and other costs. But if you have any credit card debt included in the bankruptcy you can not file for it until you pay off your credit cards. Thanks to George W. Bush Jr as president, he signed a law when he was in his first term that does not allow any individual who has credit card debt, you can not file bankruptcy, but large companies who have credit debt and still making money can claim bankruptcy and not pay off their debts. Funny how this country does things, a person can not claim bankruptcy with credit card debt, but a large company like AIG or Fanny Mae or companies like that can file bankruptcy and still receive large salaries and giant bonuses for failure. Shows what kind of a real country we all live in and wonder why we have the problems we have here.

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