Japan's disaster

    With all the destruction in japan the clean-up efforts will take months but where will all that destruction material (rubbish) go?

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    Japan is heavily into recycling. I think once they address the more major issues of today and get those under control, I'm guessing their next objective will be to focus on recycling centers and renew and reuse what is salvageable. I'd be surprised if there was a lot of material (rubbish) left once they finish recycling what they can. They are very earth conscious people.

    They said the radiation is pretty high in some places.How will they be able to clean those areas.



    The same way they did after we hit them with nuclear bombs 66 years ago I guess. Hopefully there is a better and more effective way of cleaning up radiation now.

    I asked this question because with our Katrina destruction their has been so many regulators involved a whole city still remains in destruction. My own State still has a pile of rubbish from our last hurricane fifteen years ago EPA says it has to be handled as hazardous material and the cost prevents the it from being removed?

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