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    During the German occupation of France there were many French sympathizers to the German cause in France. At the end of the German occupation what happened to these people?

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    Beaten up, publicly humiliated, their homes ransacked. I don't know if there were any arrests though. But some of them were herded through town like cattle.

    Well as far as I know George c. Scott playing as General Patton said of the french in the Movie Patton All the French know how to do is surrender, Maybe its so I do not know but it sounds good to me and they did surrender in Europe and Vietnam

    Funny thing, after the war , (besides the very few who were actually punished for collaboration) when asked , it seemed every french man who wasn't in a french uniform said they were with the resistance? How the Germans had it as easy as they did with so many of those guys supposedly fighting in the resistance is beyond most historians?

    It simply comes down to this, most lied!!

    NociMi Bali

    During the 20th Century the French were the cowards of Europe......


    Well ,I wouldn't go to that extreme However they do tend to paint themselves in a rather undeserved heroic fashion.


    The french to all reports did not put up much of a struggle however th prize for individual forces surrenering surely must go to the Italian army in North Africa. they surrended in their thousands at single conflicts. Of course the Australian and British forces aided admirably by the New Zeland and Canadians were who they were up against. It was reported, fact or fiction, that the German supreme commander in Africa Rommel told Hitler. "Give a force of Australians and I WILL win the war in Africa"

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