What's your favorite super hero? Why?

    can include regular people.

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    my dad when he comes home with "we tipple or two whisky i say pop"s can i hang up your trousers "aye son i hang them up legs first his money falls out my mum and i have a good laugh tell dad in the morning "oh then he has a laugh as well i am blessed with good parents they see the funny side of life
    The greatest 'super hero' is my father-- I live by his teachings.. And of course my mom but that goes unsaid..

    They are both gone now but I hear them all the time.. They left quite an impression on me.
    Superman...when I was a child he was the first "bomb"
    Andy griffin.What a great dad.I think of my dad when I see him.

    Christopher Reed,a real superman who despite sustaining devastating spinal damage never gave up hope

    I was over with that a long time ago.

    Spider Man, I always thought he was soooo sexy. Still do...........

    Captain Underpants. He's regular.

    Me....Cause I'm SUPER AWESOME

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