where can I get free gum

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    after all that i'll probably never hear from tigger again <sigh>
    oh i know! i know! there's this alley in san luis obipo, ca. and people go there and stick their abc gum on the brick wall. wow ... you see regular old gray pieces, pink bubble gum, grape gum, chlorophil gum, red gum ball gum, orange gumball gum, yellow gum ball gum, blue gum ball gum, purple gum ball gum ... take your pick. if you would like you could BUY some gum and chew it till the flavor is out and then stick it on the wall. then your gum would be famous, imagine!! an entire alley full of chewed gum. ART!
    p.s. I guess everyone knows that abc gum is "already been chewed"

    Oh boy! One of the most thoughtful questions of the day! (Help me Mr. Wizard....!!) lol

    a friend

    idk but that is a stupid question......... well u could get it out of the garbage.... mhm yum

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