Why ,instead of simply answering the question.Have I gotten comments on the character ,or delivery of it instead.Also - It felt a little biased in subtle ways on subjects such as religeon,the super-natural,and even the theorectical.And It even felt Like a personal assault at times .Cant,or can you, top level karmites do better than that? "other site user feed back is welcome"

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    perhaps every situation calls for a differant answer.. dont feel alone every gets 'attacked on this site we dont discriminate against anybody(except racism and obcenity). just cause someone may not agree with your theaology , i wouldn't construe it as biased. as far as a personal assault is concerned maybe your just a little parinoid cause your not getting the feedback you desire. whats relivent is what you post, not what you think.. i do recall being called "arrogent'.. so i employ you not to take things so personally!one mans thoughts are another mans answer
    Hi I am not TOP Karmites (good name) I try and give feed back at all times except when they are really stupid and I am sorry to hear you are upset dont take it to heart and I am sure it is not a personal assault Melanie
    Some folk bash subjects out of ego, pride, etc. I like humor which offends some folk and I dislike bible parrots and it shows. But I do write for fun and I usually try not to offend. At home, I chart the charmers, dead-beats and off -beats for remedial barbs or flowers later like a personal game within the QA game. Keep your questions coming and enjoy. Every blog I'm on has a variety of socially interactive games in progress as well as honestly answering questions.
    Different people will have different opinions when answering questions. That's just the way it is!!!
    Don't be so touchy! We just like to keep things nice and neat around here! Sorry if you feel so offended...developing a thicker skin might help...can't we all just get along? (:

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