can any one tell how can i have girlfrind,neva had a girlfriend im 33 years old virgin

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    Why do you want a girlfriend? For companionship? To be a friend? Or do you just want to find a girl to have sex with? Determine that first, then you can determine how to get what you want.

    Most women would be pleased to teach you about sex if the relationship goes that far, but that shouldn't be your priority if you are looking for a long term relationship.

    Every woman is turned on by something different, so how you approach them makes all the difference. One thing that almost all women enjoy is a male with a sense of confidence, but not arrogance. For me, I prefer intelligence, wit, charm, cleanliness, and if all those things are present, then I may be interested in more and possibly a relationship. If not, then at least I had a nice dinner. My husband had all of those qualities, and we shared the same views on sex and monogamy and other issues.

    Good Luck
    You need to get out there and mingle,meet women and ask them out for dates,make yourself available,there is someone out there for everyone,I'm 34 in a second marriage with three children,I cant imagine waiting this long.Go get em,and good luck!
    My suggestion would be an online dating site, you would think with a name like yours you would have plenty of, good luck. I found my best girls at church.

    eharmony or matchdotcom?
    @lifestudent: I see you are new here. I have read a couple of your answers and feel you will soon be a well respected member of this site. Welcome.

    are u gay



    He's asking how to have a girlfriend.
    Are you gay gman?

    If possible, join a social mixed group, that do some thing your intrested in, get to meet people as friends first, then you wont find it so hard to ask a lady on a date.

    Good luck,






    You need to settle down and act older than you are. kids with attitudes get removed from this forum. If you wish to stay, you have to act mature. OK?

    no goddamit why does every one think that he's 33 and he's a virgen 



    Watch your language.

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