A third political party???

    Could, would a third political party have a chance in 2012??

    Would anyone have a chance of doing anything if not part of the "gang of robbers"??

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    Unfortunately, the media makes such a mockery of third parties, they seldom get heard or taken seriously. Of course, sometimes the third parties shoot themselves in the foot. Jessie Ventura wants to run with Ron Paul if he will switch to independent. Jessie was the best govenor Minnesota ever had. He just kept putting his foot in his mouth, and the media had a field day with him. Having said that, they would probably make the best Pres and VP since both understand what is really going on with the Fed reserve and the NWO trying to drag America into socialism.

    Headless Man

    I may be wrong, but I think the people are ready for another party. The only problem someone could get elected with only 34% of the vote.

    Independents seem to take away more from the republican party than the democrats. Like when Ross Perot ran, that was why George Sr. didn't get re-elected. I voted for Ross, I think he would have won it he hadn't dropped out and signed back up.

    I think America is ready, I saw a few anti-Obama bumper stickers today that made me laugh. Although I am not personally completely against the guy.

    "Somewhere in Kenya, a village is missing an Idiot." Also,"Bend over and get your Change."

    I will seriously consider any different candidate, that isn't the run of the mill politician.

    pinky 66

    third party is the way to go,but where will the money come from?

    I suppose you have to have your own, or be an amazing candidate. If you are clearly a better choice the money will come...?...

    I sure hope we could all get our own party going called "The People" (lack for better name at the moment.) "We" need to do something ,,, I am so tired of wasting "Our" money on "Them" ,,, Congress sure is making me SICK !!!!!

    Headless Man

    If the Tea Party had a good leader to run for president could you support them?


    There is even "Things" that the Tea Party does and or says that kinda "Freaks" me out ,,, maye it is just the way they "word" things ,,, sometimes they don`t seem to think before they speak either.

    what happeened to the tea party. just another party i guess!!

    Headless Man

    I think you will hear a lot more from then, maybe in 2012.

    pinky 66

    Sarah Palin appened to them
    I foresee a third political party with the right stuff to make it sometime in the near future, people are tired of all the good ole boy clubs in government
    Well, the two parties we have outspend and basically close off nascent political parties. But, what really astounds me is the constant redicule that independents and moderates come into. Party members complain that independents are people that can't make up their minds or are afraid to take a position. However, I think that independents and moderates are people that appreciate the art of compromise and its pragmatism. You have two parties full of people that are adament in their postions on the issues. But, what have these unafraid to take a position people done about the big issues in the last three decades? Nothing.
    bigben, I agree with your comments. But also if you are committed to something why would you compromise. You can't compromise moral believes.

    You are absolutely correct, you can't compromise on morals or the truth. The truth is what it is. But, you can compromise on the process in order to achieve large goals or programs that benefit people. Beside compromise doesn't mean on every issue or take the middle on every idea.
    pinky 66

    Yes but politics is not morals simply but hard nose results
    Headless Man

    Morals guide everything, you either have them or you don't.

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