Would you vote for Cain for president ? I would consider.

    I would vote for him because he favors a consumption tax and getting rid of a payroll tax. Putting less power to IRS.

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    if you mean john mccain.. i think we all know he lost last election
    Herman Cain of the current crop of Republican candidates has the moral stature, the record of achievement, the outspoken wit and candor.

    I like what I've seen.

    Ahh, yes, now that I see him, my mother mentioned him. She ,likes him also.
    Headless Man

    Long shot but so was Obama at this point.
    He is not my first choice, but if he were nominated, perhaps.
    "he favors a consumption tax and getting rid of a payroll tax. Putting less power to IRS"

    Just get rid of the IRS altogether.

    Who is Cain?
    I think he has some good ideas. However as long the Dems have Majority in the Senate noting will change as usual.I understand he doesnt know much about foreign policy. That would be detrimental to the US. He is a likable guy though.
    My answer is NO.
    Cain who?
    Hell Yes !!!
    Depends on which Cain he is.

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