what size of HD TV for a 10x15 ft. bedroom

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    When you go to the movie theater, where do you like to sit?? Front, middle or way in the back..
    Pick out your new TV based on your viewing preferences and of course budget.

    I really don't like the overly large TV's I have a 50" but still sit about 15' away.. That is big enough for me.

    Funny: When we went shopping for a big screen, my wife said, 'what's wrong with our old tv?? You want a bigger screen size??? sit closer to the TV.. LOL
    We purchased a 32 inch flat screen HDTV for that size room, and it's good for us. I would not have gone larger than a 42, even for a wall mount. It also depends a little bit on what wall it will be on and the viewing distance. In our room, it's on one of the 10 foot walls, so we have a decent viewing distance, and that is why I would have gone to even a 42 but nothing bigger. When we redecorate and the tv goes to one of the 15 ft walls, we will have 5 less feet of viewing distance, so the 32 is what I would recommend.

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