Gloomy Days

    What kind of things do you do/think about to make yourself happy on a gloomy day?

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    T.U. There's a few back ; )

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    Sometimes I actually like a gloomy day. It makes the world feel quiet to me. But when I don't want to feel the gloom, I immerse myself in books on English history because I've always been fascinated with that countries history.

    Turn the music up, dance around like a fool,light a couple candles...there is something soothing in the light they cast,pick up a good book and immerse myself in it, get some good old movies with a lighter theme to them,go to the gym and exercise for an hour, take on a project around the house that you have been avoiding...recently it was my bedroom junk drawers. If worst comes to worst...I drink sleepy time tea and go to bed a bit early,I know the next day always seems better.I live on the coast of B.C. and we have weeks of rain and gloomy days here so I have to find ways to see whats good about it and distract myself from feeling gloomy along with it.In fact it is currently raining and windy as I type to you. Another tidbit of advice I recently read was to just act happy...maybe your acting is better than you realize;)



    My goodness, if you do all that on a gloomy day, I'm not even sure I'd want to know what you do on a sunny day! I'm near exhausted just reading your gloomy days activities, lol :D


    lmao...there are a lot of gloomy days here...I have to be creative...admittedly not all of this in one day...your funny...thanks;)

    The only think I've thought of so far is to drink lots of caffeine :p

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