why do I talk to my poop

    i always am talking to my poop but i don't know why

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    For all you people who said there are no stupid questions..........

    I rest my case :)

    I'd like your opinion on 'father' ...... if you :)

    I posted it already.

    Because you're  full of SH*T!!!!

    because your a shithead?
    What a crappy conversation this is turning out to be...

    I'm gunna make a 'shot from the hip here: This could really turn out bad..

    Uh... Just what do you and poop talk about? Do you and poop go out together, like on a date? Do you introduce your poop to people,

    "Hi, I'm ambercryan and this is my talking poop.." Does you poop have a name> Like 'Mr. hankey??


    "My Poop says I smell nice" :D
    But my Pee doesn't agree....
    My brain Blames it all on my Stomach
    My stomach blames it on my mouth.....
    I'm left in my confusion....

    My poop is called "Mrs isolated" Because my body tends to abuse it and drown it in the flush..
    Does it talk back at ya?
    I talk to my computer, especially when it freezes up....... well at least it doesn't smell :)
    Ms Sinclair

    I liked your little "poem" listed above.
    I would say you are crazy but maybe you should get a professional opinion on that.
    And I thought I had a problem.
    Did you really have to publically publish that stupid question on this site. I fault this company--- aol, or whatever it is --- too , for publishing it
    That's because you're stupid.

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