How many are still here after the Rapture?

    Did anyone you know fly off to heaven?

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    im still rapture yet
    I am still waiting!

    is this a good thing for you?

    Thanks Jenn for asking. I never beliefed in it in the first place. My answer is cynical to the Question.
    I took my wife out for a real nice dinner had a wounderful expensive dinner, bottle of wine and was waitng for the earth to split in half, but it didnt happen. Maybe next time,LOL
    I'm in heaven, Jesus gave me my own corner office at the Bureau of Angels Workforce Management. Nah, not yet, still here....

    Too funny leeroy. You'll get there later rather than sooner.

    A California preacher who foretold of the world's end only to see the appointed day pass with no extraordinarily cataclysmic event has revised his apocalyptic prophecy, saying he was off by five months and the Earth actually will be obliterated on Oct. 21 (I'm assuming 2011).

    Still time to write your wills and leave all to me. :)

    There is a heaven here on earth. Welcome back Colleen, I've missed you.

    Thank you 6dogs. I've missed a great many people here. I have a lot to catch up on. I agree, there is a heaven on earth. I love life and I love all that God gave us. There is beauty and love all around us. Those who do not see it, would even complain in heaven I think ;)
    thank you..
    I'm still here too, darn it!
    Make no mistake: Harold Camping is a false prophet. Every scripture he cites—without exception—is twisted, mangled and butchered. The Bible warns of such “evil men and seducers” (II Tim. 3:13) in our time, but like all of its other warnings, most do not heed.
    Not so good here in heaven, no booze, no sex, just boring people going around smiling all the time.
    Wish I was back on Earth but I guess it does not exist any more.
    Believers, where are the believers?? I know you're out there!
    How easy to make light of foolish men's mistakes. Same thing done among those who walked in Noah's and Lot's day. Yep, they heard these things of doom coming; until they got to the point they dismissed the sayings for more jovial persuits. When it seems like nothing is going to happen, the faithful lose faith for the waiting. But, when a stir of things begin to rise, a crackle, a jolt, and blowing of winds, a shifting of the grounds, then, they'll believe it. But, will it be too late?

    You wont see this coming! You will forget you've heard it, first!

    Your sister,

    Only us ..the non believers...the rest have left to heaven.
    one good thing come out of this false prophit..perhaps it opened some eyes to reality that jesus is real and one day the world will end as we know it
    Well I am counting on not being one left here when the rapture does take place.
    Are you a journo or just high on something Adreamer? A lot of flowery words to say little. By tne way you are not my "sister" so please refrain from referring to youself as such, I find it quite insulting. You should be more respectful of people. My sister, the last of my siblings died 5th feb 2009 aged 88 yrs and out of respect for her I ask you not to use "your sister"

    Good luck banging your head on that wall PL. I lost a sister when she was 28 years old. I do not like dreamer using "your sister" either. My sister was a better woman than that. She would never have been so self righteous and egotistical.

    XXX OOO for Colleen Welcome back to the mad house. XXX
    Oh good daren. Glad to hear it.
    Thank you for clarifying that. Hopefully, some of my friends from here are still around too.
    I'm gone. Sorry cant answer .lol. When the time comes I will be gone. In the twinkling of an eye.
    Thank goodness I am still here, I didn't want to miss our trip to Peru...once we get back I will gladly be raptued;)
    well, I asked a long long time ago if I would get "left-behind", and my answer was an emphatic "YES", simply because I was supposed to be here till the guillotine sings, in simple rejection of the world banking system, social dis-ease and internal cival strife as the only way to live on this planet. I am no anarchist, but I do believe if we trusted the still small voice (that is so hard to find sometimes, because it goes against my baser reactions learned in this time)nearly lost in the electronic haze of"Be Anywhere...But Here,Right Now!"Culture, there is HOPE. Don't Forget Armeggedeon is just the start of the new thousand year trial strip down and in the Bible, The Bad Guys get to try for it again...THEN the world will end. Look it up!

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