Lybia War....

    If Qaddafi is killed or run off how do you keep muslims extremism from taking over?
    Is Obama right to get involved?

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    Headless Man

    Then comes the question do we help setting up a new government?

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    Exactly, the US should stay out of Lybia and yes, I do agree with Andrew, it is going to turn into a second Iraq. Dictatorship or not, the Gaddafi regime was STABLE. With him removed from power and noone else to take his place, there will be many groups popping up everywhere wanting to take control, and be it at the price of bringing chaos and terrorsim to the country. This is a big mess. I wouldn't be astonished if, once Lybia is sufficiently weakened, the allies would proceeed just like in Iraq: install a pro-western government and take control of the countrie's natural ressources by means of "reparation"-programs and investments. Lybia is just another stuffed turkey for them. What is unforseeable is the extent of the damage done not only to the middle east, but also to western nations.

    The west are trying to get there murdering hands, on LYBIAS OIL.
    Why do the west not sort out NORTH KOREA if they care so much
    about PEOPLE rights an fight a real WAR.

    Headless Man

    I'm afraid that war would kill 50% of us, or more.

    BIG MISTAKE getting involved in LIBYA......BIG M I S T A K E.

    Headless Man

    Without a plan especially.

    Muslum countries are falling to Islamic radicals like dominoes and once they are all under radical control watch out then comes the next holocaust
    muslems know no defenders of the free world we must do our best to stop the extremeist where ever and when ever
    Too many muslum countries are becoming radical there is a holocaust coming

    No he is wrong, I tell you that its going to turn in to IRAQ 2 or even second Afganistan!!!

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