Men, do you shave your legs?

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    Ms Sinclair

    I'll give you a thumbs up just for admitting that.

    You just made a comment to my answer about Social Security, and I don't know why you didn't just make it your own answer.  
    As to men shaving their legs.....I know a guy who does and it looks really strange.  
    You have a lot of questions about guys.  What's up with that?  


    If you noticed, that question was asked a year ago. There was probably some other questions, etc. that were floating around then. I probably asked because some questions referred to guys who shave certain parts of their bodies were "gay". Many are not. Many are. Competitive swimmers not only shave their legs, they shave most of their bodies. The response relative to SS was just a footnote to let others know what the main purpose of SS was when originally adopted. That's all. Sorry if you took offense to it.
    SS was a supplemental income to those who worked all their lives. It was to "HELP" them by adding a few more dollars to their retirement income which was promised to those who worked. Can you not get this in your head????? It was not meant to be an "INCOME" itself to live on. Since most women did not work for a living at that time (1935), they stayed home and took care of the living quarters and children. They added survivors benefits to help. Read the history of Social Security and understand it. Don't criticize me for the fact that Congress changed the law.

    I went to your profile and found one of your questions so I could get hold of you, then responded to this question. Athletes shaving doesn't concern me. I had a male friend who shaved parts. The more I knew him, the more red flags went up about him in many ways.
    Your footnote suggests that someone collecting social security is also working at another job. The implication of that is people are expected to have gainful employment until they die. Many do not have additional resources to prepare for retirement years.
    Ms Sinclair

    Hahaha! Maybe he's REALLY hairy.

    I don't shave my own legs (I have 18 hairs on each.....)..........


    Do you count them?

    I can, that’s the point……...

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