How many think everyone should have the same amount of money?

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    Randy, why must you continually refer everything back to "god". Is it impossible for you to comment on someones questions without referring to "him"?


    Not offended at all. Just curious as to why everything must involve God.

    How are babies made? :p


    Randy why jamb your religious belief in a question not related to same? Is it any wonder a lot of users of this site get sick and tired of that type of behaviour?

    Headless Man

    I agree with Rushie54, doublehelix, and cucumber so far, but that what Socialism is wants all to be equal, tax the rich give to the poor where does it end?

    Headless Man

    Where's the Socialist make your case.

    Headless Man

    Sorry, "cucumber" I don't believe in the invisible man you talk about, there are powerful men that think they rule the world but only the Devil does now, soon that will end. Love, Randy

    Headless Man

    He wanted to know about the invisible man, so I told him about the only invisible man I know, GOD. Love, Randy

    Headless Man

    No matter if you like it or not the devil is in control now GOD will be in the end, I just don't want Socialism in the middle. Love, Randy

    Headless Man

    Sure its possible, ask a question where HE is not involved. Sorry if I offended you. Love, Randy

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    whether it is socialism, capitalism,communism,etc,they all become the puppets of the elite shadow government that controls or instates them, how do you expose the invisible man to the world?


    I saw no mention of god in your prior sentence randy,only mention to a devil, perhaps we should have kept more focused on the question which was part (2 )I agree with Rushie54, doublehelix, and cucumber so far, but that what Socialism is wants all to be equal, tax the rich give to the poor where does it end? cheers c

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    I want the same amount as long as its based on the large amount Randy has lol

    Headless Man

    LOL now that is funny....Love, Randy

    what would be the point, life would be so boring!!!

    Headless Man

    I believe Cucumber was right on, in no time the wealth would be redistributed back to where it was. But thats what our government wants to do.

    shalom lass

    True, it would be boring. Does Randy Palmer mean that everyone has the same amount of money even after spending or gambling, or does he mean just evening things out once? People are flawed, so they'd probably gamble or lose some. Some people are good, so they might donate. Some people may be successful, and gain more in a short amount of time. I am confused...someone, please explain. Randy, your question made me THINK.

    if everyone was given the same amount of money, eventually the wealth would be redistributed back into an order related to the enterprise of its society members, consequentially wealth would once again accumulate&diminish amongst certain individuals,

    Some very rich people got their ill-gotten gains by stealing from and stepping on "the little people". Having said that, on the one hand I don't think anyone should be allowed to starve to death but on the other hand I believe that everyone should be rewarded for an honest days hard work. Those who do not wish to work should receive much less.

    Why? people set up business to mmake money. So what would be the point they might as well shut every business down every where in the world because they would have the same amount of money as you. Ambition and quality would cease to exist, no need for any of that if we all had the same. So should we all wear the same clothes, or drive the same cars or live in the same size house everything every where would be exactly the same. I think people earn or have what they work for some get alot, and some get little. That's the way it is.

    Not me. I want more than anybody else.
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    Why am I not surprised.

    I am not a communist!
    Hey. That's Obama thinking. Stop that.
    Headless Man

    Didn't say I thought that, just wanted to see how many did. No Obama thinking here.
    Well I do not think that will ever happen, but it is what it is and our lives are basically all about choices and consequences.......I just hope and pray I make better choices in the future.

    everyone simply can not have the same amount of money.. nor would it be reasonable.. though I do not agree with greed and corruption, and hate it, I still think there are life lessons for those greedy people.. such a system would be even worse then what we have.. everyone must be on a different path, not be oppressed with this false sense of 'equality'.. which is just another word for slave.

    Randy, some one makes a rational, to them, reply and you have jamb your religious beliefs in . What has your comment got to do with the question? Cucumber is correct that the money would go back to the people who had it in the first place. It would do no good whatsoever to evenly distribute money and, why should it be so . Some people would urinate it against the wall, others lose it gambling, waste it on what at the time might seemed OK. See the trend? it is heading back to the people who had it. There are only three ways to get money work work work.

    Headless Man

    I think Cucumber was right on his answer also. However his comment, when he started talking about an invisible man to the world. I just made a comment back and will stand by it. I didn't jam anything anywhere, just my opinion. Love, Randy

    Then why do we need money?
    Headless Man

    Thats what Socialism wants all to be equal, tax the rich give to the poor.
    Your right why would we need money, everyone do their jobs for free.
    You know that would never work, some would do all the work and others would do nothing.

    Socialism is not real. Whoever thinking about this must get over with the fantasy.

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