Are you prepared?

    The harrowing events in Japan and unfolding aftermath – including runs on fuel, food, supplies, iodine tablets, etc.
    Are you prepared for a natural or unnatural disaster?

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    Headless Man

    Everyone should have two weeks of food and water to be the minimal. Love, Randy

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    We have about 6 months of food, water, cash at hand for whatever happens. I think all should if possible, bad times can happen.

    Headless Man

    And toilet


    Gave you a thumbs up on that, so few people are really prepared for the unexpected. Imagine how different it would be if everyone had a stash of supplies, just in case.

    New York is in a lot of trouble if the fault under Manhattan becomes active. The buildings there aren't built to handle earthquakes. I have lived in CA and we had a earthquake kit with a water purifier, Mrats, meals ready to eat. Flash lights, windup radio etc. I have lived in S.FL and always had a cabinet devoted to hurricane supplies. So where ever I am I make to be prepared, like the motto says. It's important to be ready for the unexpected or natural disasters that may occur.
    That way you don't have to stand in long lines just for basic necessities.

    Headless Man

    Good for you, wise man here.

    if the ring of fire continues as it is, i for one would not be anywhere near the San Andreas fault just now! luckily where i live is relatively safe and a long way from a fault line, but this planet can always surprise us!

    Headless Man

    Other things can happen also, I just want everyone prepared, common sense to me. Love, Randy

    My government will save me, why bother.

    Headless Man

    BOY, I think you forgot the LOL there......

    Headless Man

    Hope you are kidding, we all need emergency supplies.

    yes , but never enough..

    It's something I think most Queenslanders are brought up with.Floods,cyclones etc can occur very quickly here & can be severe,although the warning systems are improving.We are in a state of constant readiness especially during summer.

    I really believe that my life is in God hand and everyone else.... I for one don't really know how to prepare for something or an earthquake or a newclear bomb.. I don't believe there is much you can do to a stop a dissaster of a mass proportion.

    Headless Man

    Probably not, but you can for smaller ones like flood, snow or loss of power.

    I live in a flood prone area (nothing dramatic) just means we can't get out of our little town, I always make sure we have long life milk, coffee, tinned food , and  booze (the pub ran dry once) I love it when it floods the place becomes very social as no one can leave, people come in off they're properties and we gather at the pub and catch up, best of all I still get paid and we always have a good time and help each other, sometimes means moving stock to higher ground etc. other than that I think it's out of my hands

    Does obama count as natural or unnatural disaster ?

    Headless Man

    Defiantly an

    I'll start preparations tomorrow. How to you keep water? Thank you, Randy. It's scary. 

    Headless Man

    Put it in a clean gallon container, plastic milk jug will work, add 2-3 drops bleach. This will keep water fresh for up to a year.

    No, but this question scared me into getting prepared.

    Headless Man

    Good, but don't be scared, be ready, rotate the food you get to keep it fresh.

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