CLOSED: Colloidal Silver

    Have you used, or have any stories about it?

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    Headless Man

    Common guys, were is all the knowledge?

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    Have any one else used, or have any stories about it?

    Its Excellent!!!

    I took it for a while years ago. The company was Life Plus, I think. It's essential to the body but was to expensive back then to keep ordering month after month. It has many health benefits, I would have to look it up to remember them all.

    As far as I can remember it was good stuff.

    Headless Man

    I'm thinking of making my own, it's said you can do this for as little as 2ยข a day.
    I wanted to see if anyone has used it. Thanks, leeroy

    My dad has made and used it for years. It is a little electric generator that hooks to one or two silver rods. He uses distilled water and has taken it for many years for his cancer. Beware though if taken too often you skin can and will take on a silver blue hue that is not reversible. I watched a man on Oprah that looked just like papa smurf.I don't know what information you are looking for but there is a lot available online.

    Headless Man

    Thanks, I have seen most online but wanted to hear from real people.
    Did it help your dad?


    it has held his cancer from going up a grade for years. He swears by it but who knows...I took it when I was getting sick and it helped stop the flu from progressing but again who knows...if you believe it just does!

    Not necessary... You can get the same affects from water by vibrating the water on the right frequency, like 528 Hz. I imagine the silver just has some frequency which changes the water, but you don't need silver to make your water divine.

    Headless Man

    Thanks, for all your info. will look into it more.


    "colloidal silver was what was used before penicillin was invented years ago. It is more than just divine water;)"

    I believe you! :D


    Interesting stuff!


    colloidal silver was what was used before penicillin was invented years ago. It is more than just divine water;)

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