How do you avoid becoming upset and stressed out

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    I suppose this is where some Christians have an easier time, I was a violent kid, always getting into fights, once I made my peace with God, He gave me an inner peace. I have to give Him the credit for calming my previously violent personality way, way down.

    I haven't completely lost my temper for over 20 years now, I like to go fishing that calms me down if your looking for an activity that is calming. Possibly get a massage, work out, or hit a punching bag. It's better than hitting someone and going to jail over something insignificant.
    Every time you have a negative thought, turn it around into a positive thought.
    Or , when worried about something, ask yourself, What is the worst possible thing that could happen ? What is the worst case senario ? And when you think of that, It doesn't sound too bad, or seem so bad.
    I'm feeling a rage I never felt before, and can't get over this. I'm seriously afraid of what I will do once I see this person.

    wow ... stay away from bad people, ed shank. don't let them ruin your life. when you think of this person take a long slow breath. breathe out slowly. do this a few times and it might help. it helps me.
    what did the person do? can you say?
    ed shank

    Thank you for your concern, but at this time maybe allowing myself some "hate time" may not be the worst thing. It is a reminder of not thrusting everyone all the time. A life lesson for me.I know in time this too shall pass.

    You have your family and your life, is it truly worth it to give it all up for this person. You might save a few minutes but is that worth hurting someone?
    ed shank

    You are both correct. I,m more pissed at myself I guess for being naive. Should have seen this one coming. I was warned by those around me.

    This Too Shall Pass :-)
    ole hipster

    Hey ed shank....please don't do anything that's going to land you in jail! The person that's making you feel this way is not worth it! You sound like my old man...he has a hard time dealing with his anger a lot of times...though he has good reason (sometimes) to feel this way...I always try to talk him "down"...hope all works out well for you..obviously there are a lot of us who care! Myself being one of them...I'll give you my old hippie mantra right now...Peace, love and happiness to you!
    ed shank

    Appreciate everyone's comments and concerns. Peace be with you all. Time for a "Bud".
    I would sure like to know this too.. When stress hits, I replace it with upset.. Then that brings on stress and the cycle starts all over again..

    Good luck, I will be watching this one..


    I know what your saying I feel so stressed at times I get upset with myself for feeling so stressed does that make any sense

    Oh yeah it does.. I try to control it by finding something else to do. My job keeps me stressed out, I am in the marketing area of our business so I deal with many deadlines. I'm the guy that comes up with those stupid sales pitches you hear on radio and TV. But I only do it for my own company.
    Limit the time you spend with people who stress you out.
    Go out and buy a powerball or lotto ticket and dream. What would you do differently now . I told my boss i would buy houses all around him and put in low income housing and halfway houses. Getting revenge on someone without doing harm will create a sense of relief. My boss caused me a great deal of grief one time, i made his life absolutely miserable , he never knew it was caused by anybody. I am so much more in control of my life and things are great . Revenge is a dish best served cold. Just what eggplant wrote. Just so you know , my boss falsified answers i gave during a state employment interview. Giving the job to someone that never worked that position. I enjoyed ripping apart this democrats' life. He caused disappointment and stress to alot more people. Now he is gone from the staff and things are pleasant. Brain chemistry changes when you get in this mode of thinking. For the better.
    Dont watch TV, dont read the paper and meditate for 1/2 hour. Go for a long walk. Listen to music you like.You should do this for 3 days a week.
    Just remember that it will pass. Think of something nice that has made you happy.
    If you are upset with another human being: What did they do to upset you? Put yourself in their shoes maybe they are having a crappy day. Forgive them and move on. also count your blessings. Sounds simple and it is.

    Daddy has a good point, when someone pisses you off, of cuts you off in traffic, what ever... We have no idea what they are going through, could be the guys going through a rough divorce or his kid got hit by a car, who knows.

    I say "kill them with kindness!" by no means, spend more time with them than you have to but when you have to, overdo it with kindness. they know they screwed up so you will just make them feel more guilty about it and look like a fool while you are focusing on good things. it will only make your mentality happier knowing this person cant do anything to make you act out and the energy you are spending is "good". take it as a challenge to see how level headed you can be against them.

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