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    Why don't you put down your name so we know who you are?

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    I'm very honest, which is no longer the way to be. So I am careful NOT volunteer information. The world now is SO dishonest and corrupt. It is the only way to protect yourself. waring you life on your sleeve is dangerous.

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    Got apoint- Thumbs up vote from me. If everyone complete at least most of their profile problem solved. So does my answer #2 solve this issue? How about a thumbs up! Thanks

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    If people completely fill out their user profile it lists your real name (first name only), age, email and state. I do not know if your email is visible to others or not. Click on my user name and let me know if my email is visible for others. Thanks

    Headless Man

    Yes, it's visible.

    I guess everyone has something to hide.
    I thought that people say things that they wouldn't have their name connected to. Was I right?

    There are many reasons why a person might choose to obscure their identity and become anonymous. The world is still to big and bad for most peps. imo

    Hi My name is: Frank Rush, I live in Norwich Norfolk England I'm ex Royal Air Force. My email is: Is that informative enough for you. I have nothing to hide. So are you likely to call at my door. I guess not so what difference does my name make. I'm on face book too. So you want to be on my friends list. just send me a friends request and mention aka.


    Alright Rush now you officially have a stalker!!!

    Headless Man

    I will, glad you have nothing to hide, I'm on facebook also and everything is listed on my profile here.


    I have several so one more just adds to the fun

    ole hipster

    As always, the answers and comments on this site continually make me smile and makes me realize why I love humanity so awfully much!

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