Tough Mideast Question.

    How do you think the Mideast troubles will effect the USA? Good, Bad or don't know.

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    Your question here is great and I am voting it thumbs up. Check out my answer to this question #1. If it offers some alternative insightful info, how about a thumbs up akaQA friends. Thanks

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    It will affect US very badly!! When the US turns it's back on Israel we are in for a ton of trouble!! And thanks to the idiot that is President now, that is what we are heading for!!

    Headless Man

    I'm afraid your right.

    If you are referring to the political upheaval in Libya and Egypt, I do not believe it will effect us much any time soon b/c those countries are not large producers of oil or anything else we require. As we have seen in the past, such as in Darfur who had a civil war and genocide, we did nothing even though Arabs killed 10's of thousands of non-Arabs. What did we do in Rwanda were an estimated 800,000 people were killed in only 100 days? Not much.
    The real issue we are, and should be, most concerned with is in Iran. If it gets much closer to a nuke, if not already, Isreal will strike and strike them hard. Then what? With a new anti-Israeli Egyptian government very possible and with Syria and Iran do they go to war against Isreal? Isreal did not look to prepared when Hamas struck them a few years back. That might make us choice sides and we know which side we will pick.

    certainly not good,big oil will be a major relationships deteriate fuel prices will sky rocket. the nukelier powers that they desire all have "us" stamped on the frount of them under the pretense of global equality.extremest want to destroy our way of life out of pure hatered and jeliousy. sharia law will be mascaraiding under the guise of political correctness and we all wear wearing a turbine..

    AS long as THE U.S.A Leader's keep their treaties they made with ISRAEL and they keep defending her and if they stop their will be trouble with a capital T GOD shall be displeased with the U.S.A please pray that our leader's shall not do such a wicked thing  please pray for  GOD to show them the wisdom to do the right thing!!

    I think it depends on the so called leader of the US. If the world leaders really wanted it stopped they would tell the undesirable/abusive so called leader they were going to take him out if he didn't vacate. You don't need an army to take out one man, there's no shortage of assassins in the world. imo

    Well youre going to have to wait n see what happens over the coming months.The US expressed it's desire the Egyptian Army held back n Mubarak fell.And if the people vote a leadership with no ties to the West your influence in the region weakens,perhaps Israel will find it getting hot.Do you back yer buddies or let them sink or swim.US support of Israel and they're flagrant lebensraum in Palastine has caused a lot of mistrust for the west in the region not to mention Iraq.The middle east may not directly affect the west right now but it's much like the balkans at the start of the 20th century n that wasnt resolved till 1989 !!!!

    Gas for our cars and oil for our heat,could create another recession.

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