Does anyone have spell-check?

    Then use it!

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    Yes I am quite sure they do they just do not take the time to use it.

    Headless Man

    True, I need too use mine. Spelling not my thing.

    Yes we all have spell checker. It's just easier and quicker to ignore it after all most people can't read properly so what does it matter. Really, lol.

    Headless Man

    OK, I see.......

    wot iz a spel chekker

    Headless Man


    Spell check does not help some of the most common errors seen on this site....loose or lose...there or their or they're....where or were or or two or too...I seen instead of I have seen or I saw...I done instead of I did.....on and on and on.  Spell check is of minimal help when it comes to improving English.  Anyone agree with me?

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    I agree, I'm not good at english either, but you can understand them but if you have to guess at a word you can't understand, thats bad when there is spell check.


    No, but I have a speak and spell, does that qualify?

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    Only if it can type........

    I have a problem not with spelling but I type with one finger i check it out after and I think other people can make out my mistake,s if they can,tit doe,s not bother me one way or the other Bill.

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    I do too, type with one finger at a time.

    Don't know how to gget it on ear.

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    It can help if  someone types a word that spell check doesn't recognize at all. It doesn't have the capability to understand grammar; that's why " there" vs. " their" is not recognized as an  error. These words actually exist, of course, and are recognized by Spell Check. " So THEY'RE (lol)!


    THEIR you are, Clonge! YOUR WRITE! I hope we never LOOSE you from this SIGHT. I SEEN YOU'RE answers before. THERE pretty good.(lol)

    I have a MAC. Spell checkers come in several versions as well as an easy to use dictionary, and other literary prompts accessible on-line.   

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    Me to, Spelling and Grammar check...........and I need

    Also “stickies” which lets me save clips to an open access file for transfer to another doc. Stickies also blows off the formatting used in many text programs so that you can past your clip more cleanly…without the framing lines or other unseen hash in the original.

    No i don't need it,my spelling is good.

    Headless Man

    Great, wish mine was.....

    I am one of the offenders sorry it happens if another question comes up about spelling  will leave this site I am sick to death of people being petty I know what you are all going say that it was not pointed at me but as I have explained before again and again you know ther reason why I cant spell and no I dont have a spell checker as it dosnt work on this site for some reason thank you yes I am upset ..........................I have just looked at this question and have seen it was posted 9 months ago sorry but I still feel upset

    Headless Man

    Upset? This sure wasn't at anyone, just trying to get some to use spell check, if I didn't a lot of mine would be wrong.
    I haven't seen where you have made a mistake and if you don't have spell check, thats good.
    But I'm sure you can get it, mine works great on this site but I use Mac so If you download Safari for PC you would have Spelling and Grammar check.

    Randy Palmer I do have spell check but I try and use it when I am on site and it wont let me I dont have a mac but when I am on email its great coz it works xxx

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