Why Is There A String Of Racist Emails About President Obama?

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    I'm not a racist, I don't like his white half either..

    I agree though,there are some nasty racist emails running around. being anti-Obama, I don't like his policies at all! But I can honestly say my dislike of our president has nothing to do with his race. I can relate to the anti-bush emails that were running around making fun of his texan background, the way he talks, his religion, and that infamous monkey picture.

    With the internet, we can communicate so many ways now, its only normal that you should expect seeing many slanderous attacks from ignorant people. And as far as i am concerned, any person that creates these obnoxious emails is themselves an idiot, regardless of which side of the fence you are on..

    Damn vinny you beat me to it again. A+

    Huh?? This was three months ago, you gunna need to run a bit faster if you are going to try to keep up with me zorro.. LOLOLOL
    salvage man

    the office of the presidentcy of the United States of America is above reproche but when whe have to pay because he is a marxus racist and how he openly admits his hatrid of the US and all for what we stand for.the world needs to take notice after he bankrupts us who will be giving the 3rd world nation help. hells bells they will have to help us right! and i own all of the flat land in the rockey mts

    Salvage, you're a bit more 'Tea party' than I am.. It's ok though, we both have the same goal, 'get this guy out of the whitehouse!".. I feel that he is ruining the America I grew up in, he is turning us into a socialistic society and many if not all of our 'legal' immigrants came here to get away from that and dictatorships-- America offered a dream but that dream comes with hard work! Now the dream he is selling is to the people that do not want to work! He is reaching in your pocket to support them.. I do not like this. He must go.. I certainly have other reasons as well but akaQA isn't big enough to handle all my complaints about Obama the nation killer.
    Racism is never a joke. To act nonchalant about this because its not. Racism will never go away just another way to keep things separated because of mental discomfort, hate, and pain.

    We can choose to fight racism whith racism, hate with hate, and pain with pain but it won't erase the hurt from within.

    What I'm saying is that racism is form of mental and social illness...whatever is different about another person, first appears to hit the wow! factor as envy, then terns to oppose what was at first admired because the consequence of advancing on their admiration would threaten or disrupt their relationships with others. The new girl is a beauty, so to convince others that they are not admiring her makes up the story that she's the office slut. It is no joke. It is a mental-social-cultural illness when a person cannot express how they feel without threatening their own position. For us to have a culture without racism in all of its forms, we need to cultivate Honesty and Honor over winning at any cost, however that may be defined.

    One thing is VERY clear, extremely in the open and un-argumental-- that is the most racist of all people are the first to cry racism.. It never fails!   So many times do I see and hear someone speak out against Obama and immediately, the race card shows up..   Look at any liberal forum and you will see post after post of slanderousMy question attacks against conservatives and each one will bring up race..

    My ongoing question to the leftist liberal 'progressives' is if they believe in such 'diversity' and that everyone is equal in their eyes, why is it that they continue to bash anyone that is conservative and with an opposing view?? Why is it that they say they accept all living things as equal and that they are totally into diversity with their 'forced diversity training' in some progressive owned companies but yet exclude AMERICAN Conservatives'   where I can't claim 'racist' on this I can call it 'prejudiced, bigoted and discriminating' ...   This is not directed at you Pam, its just an overall observation...


    Vinny, being this question is at least 4 months old. I believe racism will always be a problem in our society, no matter if it's from the left, right, or center. It's a hurdle I don't think we will never overcome. :-)

    Oh I totally agree with you Pamela! and yes, this thread is 4 months old but I didn't bump it.. I still believe though that those that cry 'racism' are just as bad as those that are racist.. The issue needs to be buried but I just don't think it'll be in my lifetime. I am of course a conservative but I do not have 'all' conservative views, there are 'hijackers' on each side that I feel makes it bad for moderates or those with a lean one way or the other. Unfortunately, the extreme views are those that the media carrys, not the moderate views, that is not news.. The media pushes discontent on both sides and of course imo, they cater more to the left.. we conservatives have only one broadcasting media on TV and that is FOX and the left is doing everything possible to kill it.. In fairness, I believe that in radio, the conservatives rule there, as every liberal talk radio had failed or has almost no ratings and wil fail.. Air America was one of the biggest, NPR is another.. and sadly, our tax dollars go to support NPR which I think is unfair as their views are totally democrat and liberal talking points. As I was growing up in Ohio, I do not EVER remember the attacks as we see today from the two partys, of course there were disagreements but I do not ever remember the hatred of our own people by our own people, I pray for the day again when both parties may agree to disagree.. I fear the young growing up today are being taught from kindergarten up this hatred-- Not unlike what they teach children in the middle east to hate westerners.. It will take generations to repair what hate had been started here just a few years ago..

    If I recall, George W Bush was the butt of jokes, e-mails and graphic images.

    All were done to demean the office and HIM.

    The same thing is happening to Barack Obama now. Unfortunately the first thing used by these pranksters to demean Obama is his race.

    If the president was of Indian, Spanish, German, Irish, Puerto Rican, Mexican or any other decent, these SAME people would depict THEM in just as degrading images.

    Its the nature of the political beast. Its best to ignore it if it bothers you because its not going to change no matter WHO gets into office.


    TSC, get a life. Does it bothers me, far from it. Whatever you say, do, or think is very insignificant to me. It is humiliating to me, that you think with your unfactual, not right, mistaken radical reasoning, have absolutely no impact whatsoever.

    Doesn't bother you? Yeah, ok.
    DITTO on the LIFE thing.
    EGO-Envy. A person who feels lesser than another turns their envy into the inverse view and then sells it to all who will listen so they can feel better about not being the equal or better of the other person. They may not have considered how their jokes and slurs express their own self loathing but it is obvious to all who understand this disordered way of thinking.

    I never liked him because of his arrogance.  That has nothing to do with race. 

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